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Our mission is to provide the most reliable and efficient solar solutions at the most reasonable prices. We may not be the biggest solar company out there, but we strive to be the most ingenuous combining big-company technology and small-company service. Watts New Under The Sun, Inc Renewable Energy Systems specializes in electrical generating systems that are code compliant, technologically efficient and both reliable and cost effective, dealing in all major brands at a very competitive price.

John Henry

Licenses / Credentials :

• Licensed Electrician C-10 815540
• Home Improvement Contractor

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We continuously monitor each and every solar power system we install to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

How Do Our Customers Feel?

"Our SDG&E bill went from an average of $650.00 a month to about $140.00 a month. Another little side note, I was talking to the San Diego County building inspector when he came to inspect our installation, and asked him about Watts New. He told me that John's work really didn't need to be inspected, as he never had a problem with anything he installed. That was a real vote of confidence to us."

Bill and M, Sunshine Summit