Company History

We have been in the solar arena since the sun came up. Starting in the 1970's near Grass Valley CA with off grid systems, then in the 1990's here in Warner Springs with grid tied systems also. Many of our clients have their systems completely paid for with the electricity generated, and have an annual electric bill of -$100, not to mention our system. We operate an air conditioner in July, August and September. We also use electric heat all winter, and no electric bill ever.

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How Do Our Customers Feel ?

"Our SDG&E bill went from an average of $650.00 a month to about $140.00 a month. Another little side note, I was talking to the San Diego County building inspector when he came to inspect our installation, and asked him about Watts New. He told me that John's work really didn't need to be inspected, as he never had a problem with anything he installed. That was a real vote of confidence to us."

Bill and M, Sunshine Summit

Our Distinguished Team At Watts New Under The Sun Inc.

John Henry - Founder of Watts New

I have been interested in Photovoltaic solar almost my entire life, as a young science-fiction fan, I would imagine what is now here today. I have been very active in renewable energy here in southern California from wind to hydro and PV. There are several technologies in the R&D stage that will greatly affect the industry today. From tracking systems for PV to extremely efficient wind turbines.
Having spent my youth around native Americans and learning their values and the importance of taking care of the Earth, and being married to a Julian born and raised woman who also shares these philosophies, only reinforces my desire to do what I can to help improve the quality of our planet.

Jimmy Sechrest - Engineer

Jimmy Sechrest Worked in snowboard manufacturing and design for 17 years in Breckenridge, Colorado. In 1996 Jimmy felt he wanted to participate more in improving our environment. With a degree in electronics, and as a journeyman machinist and certified welder, Jimmy applied his skills in a new career helping develop more efficient solar energy use, as well as hybrid and electric car
development. Jimmy has been involved in a mentoring program at SDSU working with a master’s degree students in a hybrid car engineering department, and is currently in the beginning stages of building his own electric car. Solar and wind powered energy is also very important to Jimmy. who has been a system designer and installer with Watts New Under The Sun for 6 years. Jimmy Sechrest lives in Warner Springs.

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