Solar Panel Installation in Warner Springs, CA

Solar energy is clean, reliable, affordable and can never be depleted. Watts New Under the Sun, Inc. is proud to provide clean energy throughout Warner Springs and the greater San Diego region. Talk with us about solar panel installation and maintenance services, and discover the many indelible benefits a solar system can offer in the modern era of rising traditional energy costs!ctric grid tide/grid connected systems as well as a stand-alon

Our technicians know how to install and maintain top-quality solar panel systems that keep your home or business powered for years to come. Grid-integrated or off-grid, we’re ready to help you explore an exceptional solar solution.

Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance

We make it easy for you to harness pure, clean energy from the sun to power your home or business. Our team of expert installation technicians have over four decades of experience in the solar industry, and we know how to design systems that meet your energy needs and your budget.

We can install both electric grid tide/grid connected systems as well as a stand-alone off-grid system with battery backup. Whether you’re looking to live off the grid or you want to reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly energy bills, turn to us for complete solar panel installation.


As the premier solar installation company in Warner Springs, CA, we install and maintain solar energy systems from trusted brands including Enphase, GermanSolar USA, LG, Qcell, SMA, Soleredge US.


Our 10-year warranty covers repair or replacement services on solar systems that we’ve installed. If something should happen to your system, we respond immediately and work quickly to get the power back on and make sure it stays that way. Our technicians have expert knowledge of our systems and can diagnose and treat any issue on the rare occasion that one should arise.

We provide these services free of charge while your system is still under warranty, always honoring our promise to keep your solar system functional and efficient.

Reliable and Experience Solar Energy System Professionals

Watts New Under the Sun, Inc. is pleased to help our customers live better and more affordably with solar energy systems. Contact us today at (760) 522-4431 to make the switch to solar. We’ll be glad to discuss options and explain the benefits to you.

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